Smile Design

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What is Smile Design?

It takes a lot of commitment to invest in a smile makeover. The last thing you want is to waste money on treatments that won't deliver results or that will be ineffective.

This is why we recommend a digital smile design. Our process is meticulously designed around your goals and face. Zero guesswork - only predictable results, which you can preview before you begin!
You may be a candidate for smile design if you fit the following criteria:

You give a lips-closed smile

Hide your teeth in photos or while you talk

Refrain from laughing, or covering your smile

Avoid social situations, meeting new people, or getting out of your comfort zone

Constantly worrying about what other people think

You no longer need to feel self conscious about your smile. Smile Design is the process we use to create a new one better suited for you.

The Process

How Smile Design Works


Complementary Consultation

We strive to understand what you want and don't want. Are we restoring the smile you once had? Would you like to enhance your current smile? How about creating a smile you've never had before?

We’ll discuss key elements of your smile design, including:

  1. Incisal edge position and length
  2. Midline position and cant
  3. Gum heights and contours
  4. Tooth proportions
  5. Tooth textures and natural effects
  6. Buccal corridor
  7. Axial inclination of teeth
  8. Tooth shade

If you're unfamiliar with these terms, don't worry. We'll educate you, show you examples of cases for each aspect, answer any questions, and provide our professional opinion so you can make an informed decision.


Diagnostics And Planning

This important stage is how we plan for the future of your smile, taking into account all aspects of your smile, goals, and aspirations.

In this phase, we’ll take:

  1. High-quality photography of your smile
  2. 3D digital scans of your teeth
  3. X-rays

By using these metrics, we can reverse engineer your new smile based on specific landmarks and measurements.

Your doctor will mainly focus on three categories: your lips, gums, and teeth. Properly balancing these aspects are vital in creating a smile that complements you.

This step takes out any guesswork and allows us to design your smile confidently and in a very calculated manner.


Preparation and Prototype

This is the time to test drive your new smile!

To begin, we’ll prepare your teeth in the most conservative way possible. This is achieved by having a complete understanding of the final design, and only removing the natural structure that is neccessary.

    Your doctor will craft custom prototypes in the shape, texture, and color of the final restorations. These will be placed over your prepared teeth can be worn for roughly 3-4 weeks. The material of these prototypes can be modified if you’d like to change any aspect before the final restorations are made.

    Once you are happy with the result, we’ll take a 3D scan of the final prototypes so the it can be copied for your final restorations.


    Place new Smile

    It’s the day you’ve been waiting for!

    We’ll remove the prototypes then carefully bond your new restorations in place. We’ll balance your bite, polish your teeth, and go over instructions on caring for your new smile.

      A few weeks later, you’ll come back for a follow up for an exam and to make any fine-tune adjustments if needed.

      You’ll get to enjoy your beautiful smile for many, many years to come!

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